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Far Infrared Sauna

Sunlighten Sauna benefits may be found by directly visiting their website. 

Schedule a sauna sessions in the Soaking Room at Anointed Massage as an add on to your massage session or can be a stand alone appointment. At $1.00 a minute you can afford the many benefits of a 20-60 minute session depending on your individual needs. Packages may be created to suit your own situation. For first time curiosity the first 5 minutes are free, so there is no risk to try our Signature II Cedar Sauna

Eucalyptus towels will be available after your session for your personal refreshment. 

Enjoy a foot soak with essential oils and/or epsom salts before or after your sauna session for additional relaxation and feelings of wellness. 

A diffuser will fill the room with beneficial oils to meet your individual needs. 


Schedule your Soaking Room appointment directly with Danielle at 303-408-7465 if you would like a time slot before or after your massage.

Visit Sunlighten today to learn more about FIR benefits.